Words by Kirstyn Lewis

Happy New Zodiacal Year

The new astrological year starts just past 8:00 pm Dubai time on 21 March,2023. The New Moon in Aries will be at 0º sidling right up to the Sun Aries, which is also at 0º in the house of long-term commitments. It looks like you are kick-starting your energy in a new direction, and Jupiter has already started to pave the way by opening up opportunities for you. What a perfect time for empowering new moon affirmations and intentional beginnings!

The stars are asking, how and in what ways can you thrive? There is a deep focus on career, reputation and status and the determination to succeed is evident. It looks like you must take a risk by thinking outside the square, and learning from any mistakes you may have made in the past. All talk and no action will not unfortunately drive things forward.

Those taking a more out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to issues around work should be careful. Jealousy, criticism, and gossip are building. But wait, it looks like any hidden enemies will soon be flushed out. You’ve had plenty of time to think about a situation, can you contribute instead to a fresh perspective and approach?

Those working in caring professions or recruitment, film and television, photography, writing, spiritual practices, or water-related industries including sport, and marine biology, should expect new projects they’ve been working on to take hold very soon.

There is an opportunity for pioneering and competitive types amongst you to see your potential take off in a good way over the next few months. You are not seeking fanfare; you just want to feel more appreciated, preferably doing something you love or for yourself.

Are you starting a new enterprise or thinking of going into partnership with a friend? The stars are shining brightly for you. Make sure over the next three years you bring to the market something useful around communications, for use at home or whilst travelling. It should be made to last and seems to be a great gift idea, it’s a winner!

The biggest astrological news for the New Year is that Pluto is changing signs, albeit moving at a snail’s pace into Aquarius on 24 March. Pluto is an exceedingly powerful planet, he waited to make his move in Aries season so everyone would understand who’s the Boss. Since February 2008, he has systematically broken down seemingly more conventional ways of doing business, traditional leadership models, and corporate structures. He affects not only you personally but also entire generations as he uncovers what has been covered, affecting us for the rest of our lives.

We will be given a preview from 24 March until mid-June 2023 when he slowly slips back into Capricorn. Pluto takes around two years to settle into his new role.

Pluto is about to become more risk-taking in what he wants to destroy, reform or fuse together. He also rules phobias and obsessions, anonymity and regeneration. What calls your attention? Don’t be too self-assured, there is a strong possibility that you will have to solve complex problems alone and unaided. Expect some surprises you didn’t see coming.

For some, Pluto brings risks around gambling, financially or emotionally. For others, we see an uptake of more online erotica or sexual manipulation, or the opposite looms; a life of celibacy.

Pregnancies appear more troublesome, for no apparent reason. Pluto rules the eliminative and reproductive systems. Some women may take longer to fall pregnant or need to rely on scientific methods. Although fewer children appear to be born during this time, they will be Universally more spiritual, sensitive and ‘in touch’.

Will secrets be exposed around children, relatives, or even romance? Will you be involved in forbidden or dangerous love affairs that make you feel “emotionally alive”?

Until January 2044 and just beyond, we will all see great gains in technology, science, space travel and women’s health can be expected. What’s very interesting will be revelations or a sense of enlightenment around how we choose to pass over. Acceptance around death, rebirth, and reincarnation appears to gain traction as scientists discover that life is not quite how we think it is. Spiritualists, energy workers and astrologers will also become more commonplace in the workplace, or as more widely accepted professions.

We also see that Mars is about to wrap up an extra, super-long transit through venturesome Gemini. He has been playing games and in some instances, not being honest, since August 2022. Thankfully we have had enough, so welcome his move into Cancer on 26 March.

Highlighted around this energy, are still things to finish off related to foreign shores and in-laws. More difficult aspects point to a moral or ethical battle you may be having. Are you feeling combative? Are you involved in something controversial? Has someone been unwilling to compromise because they are sticking up for someone else?

You may want to protect your energy and reputation; emotionally driven quarrels are indicated. All the pent-up frustration centres around someone you love deeply or someone close to your heart. They are directly related to your life’s journey.

Alternatively, it could also relate to a scheming authority figure, so watch out for manipulation there and be prepared to stand your ground.

That said, Mars in Cancer is not a comfortable placement for an action-oriented planet. He struggles to operate effectively and get outcomes. It’s all steam without an engine so expect a temperamental couple of months ahead. It’s likely you may not see a victory until after 21 May.

Over the last three days of March and mid-way through its Aries transit, Mercury nestles right up to Jupiter in the house of commitment. They’re talking about your future.

Perhaps you ‘feel’ that you are on the verge of something great; things are certainly looking up, particularly around work. Those with softer, feminine energy should watch out for deals and agreements as roles with more responsibility are on the table. However, it’s not the time to discuss your dreams. Position yourself instead as a futurist who can drive the groundswell of financially viable new-age concepts and directions, particularly when having important career conversations.

Mars in Cancer who has just entered the house of fortune, fame and honours, will also be making a lovely aspect to Saturn in Pisces on 28 March putting you in the spotlight. Make sure you are looking your most graceful and ladylike best. If you have any doubts, Venus and Uranus will be working hard to unblock them and help you get out of your comfort zone with sparkle and an exciting allure. See! The stars are all working together to help you.

The only downside you may wish to consider is a Venus-Uranus conjunction which can be tricky if you are seeking answers around love. Venus seeks love and harmony, and Uranus freedom, variety and an escape route. There can be some unexpected excitement in the air. For some, this aspect indicates multiple liaisons are at play, but you probably already had an inkling. Others may confuse friendship and love. There is no point in dreaming. Wait until 11 April onward and have the conversation, even if you may not get the answers you want. It could be time to put yourself in the driver’s seat and move on.

How will you shine? It’s time to step into your dignified, idealistic self and know that karma is in play.

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