Bette Midler and 50 Cent Hollywood is a real melting pot of characters and fame can certainly form some funny friendships. Sometimes famous folk who you wouldn’t put together in a million years end up becoming BFFs… Forget all the hangers on, most celebrities just want someone they can hang out with and have a good chat, even if that someone is a sports star, musician, chef or even a world leader. More than a few famous friendships raise eyebrows to the point where it’s a mystery how they even met let alone became bosom buddies. Here’s a run down of some of the oddest friendships in Tinseltown.

Bette Midler and 50 Cent (above)

Crooner Bette and rapper 50 Cent first met taking part in environmental work in New York. The 69-year-old singer has since hinted that she’d love to duet with the star, saying: “He’s such a doll. I love him. He’s gorgeous.” She added: “I was hoping we’d sing songs from the Depression, but he’s so young that I don’t think he knows any of them. I’m going to have to check things out and see what he feels like singing.”

Brangelina and Jamie Oliver

Anyone would love to have Hollywood super couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on their friends list – and Jamie Oliver really does. The Brit chef and his wife Jools were introduced to Brangelina through a mutual friend and now they enjoy cosy get-togethers once a year. Rumour has it that the Olivers bring the food while the Jolie-Pitts bring the drink! Jamie, who has four children, Poppy, 12, Daisy, 101 Petal, five and Buddy, four, admits he and the Hollywood legends get together on a casual basis and when they do they enjoy having all their kids play together.  ”Brad watches a lot of cooking shows, but he hasn’t asked me for any lessons yet,” explains Jamie. ”Brad and Angelina have a lovely family, with kids all over the place like ours. ‘We see them about once a year because we have mutual friends. When they’re doing something over here, we get together and have a laugh.”

Snoop Dogg, David Beckham

Snoop Dogg and David Beckham

 Snoop Dogg and David Beckham

Becks and Snoop became close while living in Los Angeles, but perhaps a little too close. David gave Snoop football lessons but it appears Snoop gave Goldenballs a different kind of lesson in return. As well as letting Becks have an early listen to his new tunes, rapper Snoop reckons he also gives his pal advice for the bedroom. He said before the birth of Harper: “I said that after their 11th anniversary they should have some more kids and romance to some Snoop tunes. And now he has having a beautiful girl to play with my daughter Chocolate.”

Mel Gibson and Britney Spears

Mel gave Britney a lifeline when her problems hit an all time low and the pair have stayed firm friends ever since – providing each other with a shoulder to cry on over the years when troubles arose. At the time some people said there was an ulterior motive behind Mel’s actions but friends of Lethal Weapon’s Mel said that he was genuinely concerned about Brit and her well-being and simply wanted to help her out, from one fallen star to another. A source said: “It was simply an act of human kindness – one neighbour reaching out to the other.”

 Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal

Another world leader who is pals with a former Hollywood heavyweight is Russia’s Putin. Steven Seagal says he has some Russian heritage and can speak the lingo. They are often spotted together in Moscow and most recently have been promoting a fitness programme for kids. One of Putin’s aides said: “Putin and Seagal have long been friends, and they regularly meet each other.”

Harry Styles and Rio Ferdinand

Harry Styles wearing Rio’s shirt

Harry Styles and Rio Ferdinand

Footballer Rio Ferdinand is a man that loves his music (he even set up his own record label) but no one thought he would be into boy band pop. But Rio apparently loves a bit of One Direction cheesy pop and has buddied up with Harry Styles. At one of the band’s shows Harry reciprocated the bromance by donning a red Manchester United shirt for the gig with ‘Ferdinand’ on the back, tweeting after the gig: “Hope you enjoyed the show tonight @rioferdy5.” United and England defender Rio replied too, saying: “The rolled up shirt sleeve is what I’m doing next game. That’s what makes you beautiful…”

 Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong

Actor Matthew and disgraced cyclist Lance have been great pals for years, having both been born and raised in Austin, Texas. But it appears their bromance has hit the skids since Lance’s doping revelations. Matt revealed recently how the news shocked him, saying: “I was mad. I then got kind of sad for him. First off, I had a part of me that took it kind of personally, which I think a lot of people have.”

Peter Andre and music pal Chris Brown

Peter Andre and music pal Chris Brown

Peter Andre and Chris Brown

A funny pairing both musically and personally, Aussie Peter cosied up to disgraced star Chris on a trip to LA and couldn’t wait to Tweet a pic of himself with Rihanna’s on again-off again man. The Mysterious Girl singer accompanied his picture with the update: “Had another awesome day recording in Record Plant studios in LA .Great hanging out with Chris Brown.”

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has struck up perhaps one of the weirdest friendships ever evolved in North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. The controversial US sports star  (and ex of Madonna) has become best mates with the diminutive dictator who the world fears has his finger on nukes aimed at America. But Dennis doesn’t agree and has been sticking up for his pal, telling reporters: “He doesn’t want to kill anyone — he wants to talk peace.” The apparently politically unaware Rodman went on to say he spent many an hour having fun-loving japes with Jong-Un: “It was wackadoo. Kim loves 1980s disco music — he can’t get enough. There was an all-girl band playing and we were definitely getting down. “I couldn’t believe how much we had to talk about. He loves basketball and told me he’s worn my jersey — No 91 — every day since he was a kid. The oddball basketball player last month became the first outsider to hang out with Kim at his marble-clad palace in North Korean capital Pyongyang. And he claims he returned from his trip with a message for his President: “Kim told me to pass on a message that he said is very important. He said: ‘Tell President Obama to call me. Because if we can talk, we can work this out.’ There is no need for war. Kim doesn’t want to bomb anyone. He loves basketball and so does President Obama, so they have that in common — and there is even more they could talk about if Obama would just pick up the phone and call him.”    

Words: Ali Bryant/Feats Press   

Images: Getty, Instagram, Twitter