Valeriya Sotula, 25, was never overweight but was struggling to tone and slim down those all too familiar trouble areas. Following numerous diets, which never had long-lasting results, she was exhausted and at the point of giving up.

“I was feeling very uncomfortable, because I gained around 15kg and could not lose the for a very long time,” she explains. “I tried so many diets and even started running but it didn’t help much. I was feeling tired and very demotivated. I was avoiding going out because I could no longer fit in my nice clothes.”

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Her light at the end of the tunnel came when a local magazine offered vouchers for a trial at BARE Fitness gym. She decided to sign up, “and it was the best discovery that completely changed my life.” In less than three months Sotula, finally achieved her body goals. Here’s how it happened.

Valeriya Sotula before her transformation with Bare Fitness

Valeriya Sotula before her transformation with Bare Fitness

Weight lost: 8 kgs and 11.4 body fat percentage

Typical diet before:

I usually skipped breakfast or I would just have a coffee. For lunch I would have some form of main course with starch and very little greens – I always bought my food as I never cooked myself. My dinner was always eaten late or I would eat snacks instead.

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Typical diet now:

I normally have cereals or yogurt with fruits or porridge for breakfast. Grilled chicken or fish with steamed or raw vegetables for lunch and a light dinner (similar to lunch). I started cooking myself, which helped to minimise oil input. I’ve also switched desserts and snacks for lots of fruits.

Views on health and fitness now:

I finally understand it’s not about starving yourself and having crazy diets. It’s all about healthy and balanced food.

body transformation Valeriya Sotula after her transformation with Bare Fitness

Valeriya Sotula after her transformation with Bare Fitness

New workout regimen:

I workout three to four times a week. I love Crossfit, because it’s a total body workout and every time it’s a new complex of exercises, so it’s never boring.

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Life post weight loss:

After my appearance changed I became more confident in work and in my personal life. Once you start feeling comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself, you can notice how everyone else and their attitude towards you changes. My results motivated my friends and colleagues to change their lifestyles and become healthier.

Top three top tips tips for healthy weight loss:

Consistency in exercise is very important.

Have five food intakes full of proteins.

Do not forget to drink a lot of water.