Limit the stress of your big day by giving the members of your bridal party the low down on what is expected of them


Traditionally, the parents of the bride were expected to take on the costly task of paying for the wedding but times have changed – it’s now more common for the cost to be divided between the bride and groom’s parents and the couple themselves.

The bride’s parents should host the engagement party while the groom’s parents should take on the task of organising the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.

The mother of the bride gets first pick when it comes to choosing the colour of her outfit, which should complement the colour scheme of the wedding. She should then inform the groom’s mother of her choice so they can avoid any embarrassing fashion malfunctions.


The best man is responsible for more than just organising a stag do that puts The Hangover to shame. He has to organise the formalwear fittings with the other groomsmen and pick up the groom’s attire before the wedding.

With it custom that the groom shouldn’t see the bride on the morning before the wedding, he will often stay with the best man the night before the ceremony, making it easier for him to then escort him to the church and calm any nerves.

Once at the church, the best man is in charge of keeping the rings safe and will then walk the maid of honour back down the aisle.

The obligatory best man’s speech at the ceremony is often a humourous highlight of the day.


The maid of honour should coordinate the bridesmaids’ activities such as dress fittings, and organise the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

She will be on call to help the couple with any errands or tasks such as addressing the invitations and keeping a record of the gifts received.

On the big day, the maid of honour will help the bride get ready, before heading to the church and walking behind her in the bridal procession. After the ceremony she will sign the marriage licence as a witness.

Traditionally, the maid of honour is expected to dance with the best man at the reception to encourage others to hit the dance floor.


The role of the bridesmaids is to assist the maid of honour with her duties. They should be on hand to offer support in every way possible for both her and the bride and act as hosts at the reception, mingling with guests to take the pressure off the bride.


The groomsmen are expected to help the best man wherever they can. Some also act as ushers, seating the bride’s family on the left and the groom’s on the right. The groomsmen should be on call throughout the day to help with anything from carrying suitcases to last-minute decorations.