IN PARTNERSHIP: There’s a strong chance you’ve already heard of Wear That by now. Perhaps you’ve seen the brand’s catchy reels on Instagram, or maybe you’ve seen their iconic pink boxes flying around the city.


Back in 2018, Heidi Shara Armstrong, dreamt of a world where everyday women could have their own personal stylist, just like the immaculately-dressed A-listers we double tap on Instagram. But with an extensive background in Fashion Buying and a keen eye for trends, Heidi knew that accessible styling services were hard to come by for the average woman.

Embarking on a mission to make this dream a reality, and armed with her experience in luxury and mass markets, Heidi decided to create a platform that would bring personalized styling experiences to #realgirls everywhere.

With a decade-long career as a womenswear Buying Manager, Heidi had worked across the globe, from the fashion capitals of London and Paris to the exotic lands of China, India, and Italy. But now, it was time to revolutionize the way people shop in the dazzling city of Dubai, and so, Wear That was born –  in Heidi’s Dubai apartment no less.


Wear That is a tech-savvy, data-driven wonderland where real-life personal stylists dance with innovative technology. It ensures that every client receives a highly personalized styling experience tailored to their unique needs, preferences, and body type. With the help of data analysis and advanced algorithms, Wear That curates boxes of looks that make the receiver feel comfortable and confident. It’s a whole new way to shop that takes the stress out of mall trips and the worry out of what to wear.

From its humble beginnings in Heidi’s apartment, the Personal Styling service quickly cast its spell, catching the attention of the fashion-savvy and attracting the support of Chalhoub Greenhouse, who nurtured the business and helped it grow. News of the ultimate styling solution spread like wildfire across the UAE, leading to the expansion of delivery services to all seven Emirates. Before they knew it, Wear That had opened its very own office space and styling salon in Dubai Design District.


Becoming a Wear That client is just as easy. Visit to take the Style Quiz, and you’re done! You unlock a world of personalized styling experiences. Share your size, budget, and style preferences, and watch as your personal stylist works their magic. You’ll chat on Whatsapp to share your likes, dislikes, and specific styling needs. Once the customized looks are ready, they’ll be whisked to your doorstep, with all the shipping costs covered by Wear That. You can then try on the items in the comfort of your own home and pay only for the items you keep.

Wear That charges a one-time styling fee of 105 AED, granting you access to unlimited boxes and personal styling assistance. It’s like having your very own personal stylist on speed dial.


With their sights set on going global, Wear That dreams of becoming every real girl’s ultimate styling solution. They plan to expand their team of stylists, conjure up even more innovative technological solutions, and spread their enchanting services to women worldwide. Brace yourself for exciting surprises as Wear That simplifies the shopping experience, provides unparalleled styling advice, and empowers women of all sizes and shapes to feel more confident in clothes than ever.

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