Anyone who has been following the tale of the beautiful ballerina and her preparations for the Hermès Silk Ball will know there is a huge party around the corner, on June 3 no less. And, if you know that, you will also be aware that you need a great outfit. Here we give you some unique inspiration.

We live in place where glam events are as regular as a hot summer’s day (aka all the time) so when it comes to evening attire we know the basics – floor-length dresses for black tie and to the knee for cocktail. But what do you wear to the Hermès Silk Ball?

Well, the answer is in the question – you wear a silk scarf, of course. There are hundreds of ways in which you can wear an Hermès scarf. From the classic tie around the neck to the creative turban, elegant top or, as with our ballerina, as a delicate skirt, the options are endless.

Here we have some fun tutorials to offer some inspiration.

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