“All Muslim women should feel empowered in what they wear.”

If you’re looking for a sign that the modest fashion industry is on the up – aside from the ongoing success of Modest Fashion Week – here it is.

A crowdfunding campaign for a modest streetwear line is past half way to its goal, only 24 hours after its launch.

We can see why, too. That oversized denim jacket is calling out to us.

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Shazia Ijaz is the woman behind Seek Refuge. The 25-year-old Pakistani-American woman founded her line to cater to Muslim women who weren’t well-served by existing streetwear options.

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“As a Muslim woman, I saw too few lines catering to girls like myself. There were no Islamic women’s brands which appealed to all Muslim women, who practice different levels of modesty,” Ijaz writes on the Seek Refuge Indiegogo page.

“Nothing fit the style of the fashion-forward, edgy, millennial Muslim woman.”

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Ijaz has started her line with a capsule collection of two t shirts, a hoodie and a denim jacket, each of them super wearable and cool.

It’s not just about style, though. Ijaz is working with an ethical manufacturer in Turkey and partnering with two schools in Jordan whose pupils include Syrian refugees.

That sensibility is reflected in her designs, too. The denim jacket’s back print is a poem written by a Syrian refugee.

You can check out the full Seek Refuge line over here. And yes, they ship worldwide.

We don’t think they’ll have any trouble meeting that funding goal.

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Images: Seek Refuge/Instagram