Not so perfect

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, she completely transformed the industry with her boldly unapologetic approach to diversity, inclusivity and celebrating imperfections.
We grab a few minutes to discuss her personal vision of true beauty and where she draws her unshakeable confidence from.

When did you learn to embrace your own idea of what is beautiful?

It happens when you finally learn to love yourself. Love yourself, love your body, and 100% be yourself. If you do that – ain’t nobody going to steal your happiness. That’s the key when you love yourself – nobody else can be in charge of your happiness. That’s beautiful, a woman who is happy with herself.

What do you think women look for when choosing makeup?

Apart from the obvious which is wanting to look good, I think women want to feel included as well. That was so important to me and a big part of what we have tried to do – to make sure that the range is inclusive of all women – and not just if you look a certain way.

rihanna interview confidence fenty beauty

Your campaigns and products focus on diversity and inclusivity; do you think cosmetics industry can call itself diverse?

Like a lot of areas, I think there has been progression, but there is always room for improvement. I always wanted to bring out a beauty line it was a natural fit for me when make-up has been such a huge part of my career and image, but I wanted it to be inclusive and we will continue to strive to do that.

What more can be done?

There just needs to be basic questions asked. Is this inclusive and is this for women of all colours and skin tones? I am also a big believer in not promoting perfection. It doesn’t exist and we should stop projecting that it does onto women.

Who taught you about body positivity and self-love?

I grew up with independent women around and when you have that you have a role model. Both my grandmother and my mum were strong independent women – they had to be. They were both independent women who made things happen for themselves, and I am so thankful I grew up around women like that.

What do you do to make yourself feel confident?

Every single day I just do me. I am myself. Fashion and make up can make you feel confident for sure, just make sure you are doing it to make you feel good and aren’t trying to impress anybody else. I do like to take risks – I think a big part of fashion is about taking risks – but it’s not to get a reaction or cause controversy, it’s because I like what I am wearing.

rihanna interview confidence fenty beauty

When was the last time you felt self-conscious, and how did you overcome that?

It would be great that if we as women didn’t have days when we were self-conscious or we aren’t as confident as normal, but that isn’t the reality of life. When I have those days, I make sure I remove myself from any negativity, but the truth is sometimes we have to pretend. Even when we don’t feel like it, show up and act like you are the most confident women in that room.

We are obsessed with Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara, will your next set of products continue to focus on the eyes?

I am glad you like it, I love the product as well. The fact you can volume, lift, and curl all with one product will be amazing for women. We are always working on products, but my aims are the same as they were when we started Fenty, and that’s that all products will be credible.

What is your personal motto?

Never a failure, always a lesson.

Describe the view from your window today?

I am in London at the moment, so my view is of one my favourite cities in the world. I always love visiting here and performing here. It is a city with so much life, with so much to do, I always have so much fun here.

Complete this sentence, being beautiful means…

Embracing your uniqueness. The biggest mistake we can make as women is to start comparing ourselves with other women. There is a lot of pressure on social media, especially for younger women who are trying to figure out who they are. Women thrive when they are who they are meant to be – that is beauty for me.

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Media: Supplied, compiled by Emma Coiler