Author Jenny Han is back with another teenage drama, but this time, it’s focused on the Gen-Z. XO Kitty is a spin-off of Han’s original ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before.’

This particular series focuses on the youngest Covey sister, who happens to finally live her own love story after meddling in the love lives of her older sisters. Katherine Song Covey a.k.a Kitty is possibly the bravest out of the three sisters. She goes after what she wants and isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeves.

Set in the beautiful city of Seoul (the land where all the romantic K-Dramas emerge from), XO Kitty follows the protagonist’s journey of finding love, forging a connection with her late mother and eventually finding herself amidst the chaos.

What sets this drama apart? It could have easily been a cliché narrative where the boy meets the girl, some silly confusion and then a happy ending. Han approached a different storyline with this show — instead of giving the viewers a simple comfort watch, she toyed with the idea of sexual identity and how feelings can be fickle in your growing years.

More than the romantic storylines in this show, it’s interesting to watch Kitty find friendships in a new country that become her ultimate source of strength through difficult times.

Teenage dramas are typically known for pitting young girls against each other over a boy. While in the beginning, it does seem like this show will take a similar route — but through the course of ten episodes, it pivots. A refreshing departure from the girl vs. girl trope.

Overall, XO Kitty is a perfect watch on a casual Friday night when you aren’t looking for any mind-utilising content. But after you finish the series, it will leave you in a warm and fuzzy place.

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