With the Dubai Fitness Challenge in full swing, Dubai’s Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum led the world’s largest fun run with total humility.

Seen stretching and exercising before the Dubai Run, Sheikh Hamdan led the way at the most anticipated fitness event of the year on Sheikh Zayed road, which turned into a running track for athletes, UAE residents and tourists.

A host of fitness enthusiasts spoke about the delight of running next to Dubai’s Crown Prince on Sheikh Zayed Road, with some recalling His Highness “shook our hands and waved at us”.

Fazza shared a series of photos on his Instagram page with the caption, “More than 193,000 ran together – thank you #Dubai.”


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Post-event His Highness shared his gratitude for all those who turned out for the Dubai Run saying he was “moved by the strength of our community and seeing what we can achieve when we work together”.

As a myriad of fitness enthusiasts of all ages, skills and abilities participated in the 5-kilometre run where he shook hands with runners and smiled at others.


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The exhilarating run spanned across two main routes of 5km and 10km, each of which went through the Dubai Canal, Dubai World Trade Centre, Museum of the Future and other prominent landmarks.

Designed to transform the emirate into one of the most active cities, Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is an initiative that has always focused on. Through a month of all-inclusive, free fitness events and other leading fitness challenges, Fazza ensures the UAE continues to succeed in this path.

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Images: Instagram @faz3