To resonate with her own personal beauty journey, Salama Mohamed created the brand, Peacefull.

For Emirates Woman’s September – The Entrepreneur Issue, we wanted to champion strong women in the region and beyond, that have embodied a strong work ethic and it’s safe to say that this Emirati content creator is one of them.

As a powerhouse of a woman, she is an exceptional example of what it means to be an entrepreneur, combining both strength and femininity to build her platform and beauty brand, which celebrates its first anniversary this year.

After opening up about her story about being ‘blessed with vitiligo’, Salama showed us how to keep it real on set with her sustainable skincare line. Through her illuminating personality and warm glow, we closely saw how her principles naturally radiated through every inch of the brand.

Salama Mohamed

What started as a vision, later translated into a natural skincare brand that underwent rigorous testing to present the highest standard.

“Firstly, I ask myself, ‘What does my skin need? How are our weather and climate affecting my skin?’ From there, my research into the right active ingredients begins,” she told us in her cover interview. “I believe in the healing powers of natural, botanical-based items.”

With more than just a cleanser, toner and moisturiser, the Hya, Centella! range is also gluten, paraben, sulfate, fragrance and cruelty-free to suit everyone’s skincare needs.

The brand spent years in the making, it was always a dream of hers to become an entrepreneur and through her journey, she is continuously inspiring women who wish to do the same and make a difference on a daily basis.

Watch the full BTS video below.

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