Ahead of UAE National Day and Christmas celebrations, the UAE has urged the public to be cautious amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


The busy festive season in the UAE is normally marked with many joyous celebrations, but authorities have highlighted the public needs to be mindful when it comes to gatherings.

“With the UAE National Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations approaching, we stress the importance of adhering to precautionary and preventive health and safety measures during all activities to tackle COVID-19,” a spokesperson for the UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority said in a media briefing.

Stringent guidelines were outlined for celebrations over the coming month including a ban on exchanging gifts and food and the cancellation of workplace parties.

In addition, concerts can only be permitted if approval is given by authorities.

“Concerts can be held only after receiving approval from authorities and only with the application of all precautionary measures,” the spokesperson said. “Also, workplace celebrations are cancelled and restricted to the hanging of decorations, flags and banners only, while gatherings to watch shows such as fireworks are not permitted.”

It was highlighted that masks should be worn at all times and social distancing measures of two metres must be adhered to.

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