When its time to re-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, it’s its officially time to transition your nail polish palette to match the cozy vibes of autumn.

This fall, we’re taking inspiration from the rich and inviting hues of coffee to create the perfect nail look.

From deep mochas to creamy lattes, these coffee-color inspired nail ideas will complement your fall wardrobe and keep your nails on-trend.

Creamy Cappuccino

Capture the essence of a creamy cappuccino with light beige nails. This shade is perfect for those who prefer a subtle, understated look. To elevate it, opt for a glossy finish and accent one or two nails with coffee cup art or tiny coffee beans.

Mocha Melt


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Embrace the deep, sultry tones of a classic mocha coffee with this nail look. Apply a dark brown base coat and add a touch of sheen for that extra richness. These nails pair wonderfully with chunky sweaters and leather boots, making them a staple for your fall wardrobe.

Cinnamon Swirl Delight

For a touch of spice, try cinnamon-inspired nails. Use a solid rusty red-brown polish  for a few fingers and create swirl like accents on the remaining few to mimic the look of a cinnamon swirl in your latte.

Hazelnut Dream


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Embrace the warm, nutty tones of hazelnut coffee with this inviting nail colour. Add a speck of light coloured dimension in the centre to create the texture of hazelnuts.

Caramel Latte Elegance

Channel the sweetness of caramel lattes with soft, warm beige nails. This neutral shade is versatile and complements any outfit. For added flair, consider a matte finish or subtle nail art, like coffee bean designs or swirls reminiscent of latte art.

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