desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

“I used to train civilians to be marines and marines to be the strongest they could be,” said former Royal Marines Commando physical trainer instructor, Phil Beatie, at The Warehouse Gym, doing little to unnerve myself and fellow Emirates Woman staffer Kerri Bennett before we embarked on the one-hour bootcamp designed to get participants for the Desert Warrior Challenge for the obstacles and trials that lie ahead…

What is it?

The Warehouse Gym is running a six-week training course to get participants ready for the official Desert Warrior Challenge, which takes place on October 17. Phil has designed the programme so that it pushes you towards gaining mental as well as physical strength to get you trough the 10k, 24-obstacle course.

desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

The start of the warm up was just about bearable until…

desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

Part one of the 400m sprints…

desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

Team EW came in a decent third place


  • Increased physical strength
  • Build lean muscle
  • Burn fat
  • Weight loss
  • Improved determination and mental strength
  • Team building
desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

Working in pairs helps with motivation and team work

desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym


The bootcamp is certainly designed to prepare you for the challenges of the Desert Warrior Challenge, every muscle of your body is put to the test.

Each week the challenges get harder, in order to constantly push your body and improve strength.

To give you a taster of what we had to do our warm up included three 400m sprints, one of them while carrying weights. In between the sprints we had to complete 20 press ups, sit-ups and burpees. That was simply the warm up!

The rest of the class concentrated on strength training with chest presses, weighted lunges, rope climbing and various forms of press ups.

If you are serious about wanting to finish the Desert Warrior Challenge without the need of medical help then we recommend this bootcamp to push you beyond your limits.

desert warrior bootcamp Warehouse Gym

Trying (badly) to climb the ropes before eventually cooling down

The Details

Desert Warrior Challenge bootcamp runs every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7am and 6pm. As well as every Friday at 9am.

Dhs100 per class or Dhs1,800 for a 24 class package (The Warehouse Gym members get a 20 per cent discount rate).


The Warehouse Gym | Al Quoz, Industrial 3 (opposite LuLu supermarket) | (04) 4322323



Photography: Ajith Navendra