Let’s be honest here, you’re not only making the trip to Goa because you want to get away from your quite exhausting city life. You’re also making it for the beaches, the food, the vibe and the ‘susegaad’ (relaxed) pace of it all. And, where better to experience all of that, than at Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada.


The Low Down


As you make your way through the hotel gates, you’re immediately transported to another world. The beach view from the reception alone is enough to make you want to settle down in Goa for the rest of your life.  It’s not just luxury, it’s luxury rolled up in a blanket of tranquility – the kind that we thought was impossible to find.


Suite Life


You could go for one of the standard 145 hotel rooms or one of the 14 suites, but you should know better. Spread across 45 acres of land, the hotel also offers Aguada Hermitage villas, with Goan-Portuguese architecture, nestled in the hills. Some of the rooms lack natural light but when you have a garden out front, making you feel like home, it gets hard to nitpick.


Stylish Eats


When it comes to food, Goa is a gastronomes paradise. Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada is renowned for its Pomfret Racheido (Pomfret stuffed with a tangy goan masala) and the grilled lobster with lemon butter that had us smacking our fingertips. Wash it down with feni, cocktails or blends from the bar. The little deep fried sardines on the buffet menu were a bit disappointing though. Or, maybe that’s just the feni (Goa’s deadly drink made from fresh cashews) talking!


Pamper Time


Enveloped as you are in serenity, the Jiva Spa is still a must-visit. Allow yourself to surrender into the magical hands of the experienced therapists, bliss.




Best time to visit Goa is from late October to early March. So get booking. For more details click Vivanta By Taj Fort Aguada Goa,  or call (91) 83 6645858