As decisions go, TAG Heuer making feisty English supermodel Cara Delevingne the new face of the brand is about as fearless as it gets. But then that’s what their new campaign is all about.

But being fearless brings its own problems, and this TAG Heuer knows. “Don’t crack under pressure,” says Cara Delevingne in this exclusive Emirates Woman video – the buzz phrase for the campaign. It’s a sentiment echoed by Jean Claude Biver President of LVMH watches and TAG Heuer CEO. “If you crack under pressure then you will never succeed”

TAG Heuer brand ambassador, Cara Delevingne (2)

We have to say that, success in this case looks guaranteed with the inclusion of Cara, and TAG’s bid to show its commitment to the female market has absolutely captured the zeitgeist by signing up a model who’s now one the industry’s biggest influencers.

“She matches the brand. She matches the message of the brand and she matches me,” continues Jean, clearly excited by the masterstroke of her appointment.

“The TAG Heuer family is not just an idea,” says Jean. “It’s a team, with true team spirit. We needed someone disruptive yet elegant like Cara to open our minds to the brashness and boldness of today’s youth. TAG Heuer has set its sights on “it-ness”, and Cara is just the person to help us get there.”

As a result, the buzz phrase for the new campaign – in which Cara models fearlessly next to a lion – is #Don’tCrackUnderPRessure.

Touched by her new role Cara revealed: “I never wanted to be just a model… I want to show people that you can follow your dreams and that you can do anything you put your minds to.”

TAG Heuer Formula One Steel and White Ceramic Chronograph

TAG Heuer Formula One Steel and White Ceramic Chronograph watch gifted to Cara from Jean at TAG