Is this the best vacation beauty kit?

Ever since putting her Spice Girls life behind her, Victoria Beckham has succeeded at making a name for herself in the fashion industry. But not only is she a fashion guru, but this year, the 45-year-old joined the beauty game with a clean-beauty line.

During an Instagram story session, the mother of four shared the contents of her travel beauty kit and we have to say, we love what we see. So here are the products inside her Hermès orange neoprene beauty bag, and how you can get your hand on them.

Josh Wood – Shampoo and Conditioner

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

The first thing Victoria introduced to fans was the Josh Wood Colour radiating shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, the brand is currently available only in the UK and Ireland, but according to their website, there are plans to ship internationally, so keep an eye out! Speaking on the product, she said, “It’s important to find a clean shampoo and conditioner. What I love about Josh Wood Colour is that it is natural and there’s no sulphate in it.”

Cosmedix – Cleanser 

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

Next, she revealed to her 24.8 million followers that she loves to double cleanse. First, the fashion designer uses the nourishing deep cleanser to remover her makeup. After that, she follows with the exfoliating cleanser. You can order the Cosmedix on and The exfoliating cleanser can be found for AED 243.

Marvis – Toothpaste

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

This product is a little on the expensive side considering it is just toothpaste, something that Victoria did admit to, saying, “this is quite a posh toothpaste, but I think it’s the best toothpaste.” You can find the Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste on Shopbop for AED 91.82.

Melanie Grant – Sunblock 

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

If you are a fan of Victoria’s then you have seen her shoutout this product before. The Australian skin-care guru and the former Spice girls member go way back – the bottle that she uses is custom made for her. She wear’s Melanie Grant Sunblock “even when it’s not sunny.” Unfortunately, we can’t get our hands on it since it not available in the region.

Sarah Chapman – Face Mask 

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

We have always said that nothing is better than treating your face to a sheet mask during a long flight, and it seems like Victoria agrees. In her story, the 44-year-old said that “you see the difference immediately after using this.” You can find Sarah Chapman’s 3D moisture infusion mask at Net-a-porter for AED 183.75.

Bio Seaweed Gel Polish – Nail Polish

Victoria Beckham travel essentials

The last product in her Hermes bag was the former singer’s favourite gel polish from Bio Seaweed. According to Victoria, the polish is “super, super, super-shiny. It’s the absolute best.” The brand is available in for AED 122.

We are off to upgrade our travel kits!

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