Secret to looking flawless at the airport.

Ever wondered how celebrities look so fresh when they get off a long-haul flight?

We knew they must have a few tricks up there sleeves and Victoria Beckham – aka the ultimate jetsetter – shared with us her travel beauty essentials.

victoria beckham travel beauty essentials

She and her family have been spending some time in LA over her birthday and they are now on the road again. Taking to her Instastories, the designer shared some of her favourite items that are always in her Louis Vuitton carry-on.

First up are the travel-friendly hair straighteners from Balmain that don’t need plugging in and get really hot so she can tame her ‘frizzy hair’ when she gets off the plane.

victoria beckham travel beauty essentials

Next she talks us through Barbara Sturm cleanser that gets ‘nice and foamy’ and her favourite scent from a niche fragrance house Vilhelm Parfumerie that now comes in a travel size.

Adding these into our hand luggage.

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