This package at B/Attitude Spa is all about taking some time to love yourself, inside and out. The yoga class and 60-minute massage makes for spiritual experience, that you’ll come away from feeling centered and calm.

What: Valentine’s Bliss  – A private Bikram yoga lesson and a massage of your choice.

Where: B/Attitude Spa, Grosvenor House, Dubai

The low down: The interior design at B/Attitude is faultless, with an oriental feel that transports you to Southeast Asia. After a welcome tea we were taken into a private room to start a relaxing Bikram yoga session – the room isn’t as hot as most Bikram sessions, making it less demanding. Our instructor was fantastic, and the one-on-one session allowed her to spend time adjusting our posture and offering advice.

Valentine's Bliss at B/Attitude Spa | Tried & Tested

After a few minutes of meditation we had banished all anxiety and stress from our mind. We opted for a hot stone massage, which kneaded all the knots from our body. Our therapist was able to pinpoint areas of tension, and we were left without a single ache or strain.

The result: Living in such a busy, sociable city, it’s easy to ignore your own needs. This package takes a holistic approach to relaxation, ensuring that you regenerate from within. It’s no exaggeration to say that we felt as though we’d been on a week’s holiday.

The details: Valentine’s Bliss package is Dhs740. Advance booking recommended.

Tel: (04) 402 2200

Valentine's Bliss at B/Attitude Spa | Tried & Tested