Reebok running club

Struggling to find an activity to get your away from the TV and off your iPad? You’re not alone, which is why Urban Energy Fitness has decided to launch a Reebok Junior Run Club designed to get Dubai’s youngsters moving.

The Reebok Junior Run Club programme will run over a 13-week period for children between the ages of nine and 12, with sessions lasting one hour. Don’t worry though, your little ones won’t be put through their paces for sixty solid minutes. During the sessions, youngsters will spend around 40 minutes actually running, the remaining 20 minutes will be spent on theory and drills.

Areas the course will cover include: running technique (stride, body position, breathing practice); the importance of warming up and stretching (theory and practical application); drills (to improve speed and endurance, fartlek training, tempo runs and interval training); theory of muscle activation and rest and injury prevention and care.

Talking about the benefits of the Junior Run Club, Stefanos Philippou, Fitness Instructor at Urban Energy Fitness said: “All children need to have a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. The aim of our Club is to provide youth with the opportunity to learn proper running technique in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and to enjoy recreational activity whilst socialising with their peers.”

The Reebok Junior Run Club is open to boys and girls of all fitness levels. Sessions are expected to run on Sunday, Tuesday or Wednesday at 4.30pm in Al Barsha Park and depending on numbers groups will be split into beginners and more competent runners.

The cost for participating in the club is Dhs850. This includes entry into two 4km races (October 31, 2014 and November 28, 2014) and a Reebok-branded training/racing T-shirt.

With child obesity on the rise, getting your child to participate in healthy activities from a young age can be beneficial for their future wellbeing. 

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