Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde. There’s also a Uranus retrograde, that’s set to last for a period of six months and it’s already begun.

Having started on August 19, 2021, it will last until January 18, 2022, as the planet will move backwards, bringing unexpected changes. Due to this, there’s a certain way to react during this phase depending on your star sign.

Uranus in retrograde leads to a period of independence, innovations and thinking out of the box. It’s a creative time period, which encompasses about 40 per cent of the entire year.

Unlike Mercury retrograde which lasts for about three to four weeks, this is a long-term occurrence that has its tough moments, yet eventually comes with a silver lining as it brings out the best in people. From honing a confident attitude to becoming one’s true self, it’s the perfect time to go beyond your comfort zone and explore uncharted territories.

Reacting as per your sign will let this phase flow with ease, avoiding any long-term hiccups. Keeping this in mind, Emirates Woman has curated a guide on how to react accordingly.


Known for getting what you want, this start sign is quite stubborn in several situations. In your romantic life, you might not be with someone who meets your goals or standards. Putting yourself first this season, it’s essential to find someone on the same level, keeping your expectations in mind.


As the retrograde takes place in your sign. The effects of this retrograde might heavily be felt upon you. Known for having a different set of political opinions to those around you, there might be a conflict for close family members who question your reasoning. It’s essential to realize where it’s worthwhile to make your mark and what’s worth the hassle when it comes to making your viewpoint.


Continuous late nights can lead to more damage than you might know about. It’s important to take a back seat this season and hone a self-care routine to protect your overall mental health. If you’ve delayed a visit to the doctor, ensure you visit one for a regular check-up.


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It’s time to put yourself first this season. After giving and caring deeply for those around you such as friends, family and a romantic partner. By establishing your needs and making that a priority, you’ll learn to love while others reciprocate the same amount to you.


It’s time to make your finances an utmost priority this season. With a sign that’s known to emulate the fearless qualities of a lion, this is the ideal time to demand your fair share of wages, after being hit by the global pandemic.


With several thoughts always flooding your mind, anxiety has taken a toll on you. It’s essential to focus on keeping yourself calm through techniques such as sleep, meditation, self-care and prioritizing your overall mental health.


COVID-19 might have set you back on your daily beauty rituals. With the world adapting to a new norm, it’s time for you to adapt accordingly and get back into the swing of things. From adding new products to following a nightly skin-care routine, practice the art of self-care in this new unconventional world.


Known for having a manipulative nature, Scorpios often hide their real feelings behind a curtain. When it comes to communication, it’s time to be clear and honest without beating around the bush. To make a relationship world, avoid nipping things in the bud and say it how it needs to be said.


It’s time to clearly identify your needs and goals. Put them at the forefront this season and identify what gives you fulfilment. Avoid any hindrances that come in your way and fight for what you want with your persistent nature.


This star sign is usually known to move at a rather relaxed pace in any arena in their life. From building a business to garnering a romantic relationship, things happen slowly for them due to their ‘at ease’ nature. However, this period should be used to fasten things up and avoid taking time to commit or make a crucial decision in their life.


With Aquarius’ ruling planet in retrograde, lend a helping hand to those who need it – you can be a support for your friends and shed light on a humanitarian issue when asked about it.


With the several innate qualities that a Pisces possesses, it’s easy to forget how the outside world views you. Amid the pandemic, your self-esteem has taken a toll due to a challenging romantic phase. During this period, it’s time to confide in your trusted circle and get out there with a stronger attitude.

While focusing on Uranus Retrograde which lasts for a longer time, it’s essential to not forget about Mercury retrograde. It will also coincide at the same time this year, however, only lasting for a shorter period.

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