The UAE government has announced the Eid Al Adha holidays for both private and public sector employees.

Per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre), the holiday will take place from Friday, July 8, 2022, until Monday, July 11, 2022.

Per an announcement made by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), the public sector would also enjoy a four-day break on the same dates.

Work for both sectors will resume on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

The announcement was made following, the Dhu Al Hijja crescent moon which was sighted on Wednesday evening by Saudi Arabia’s Tumair Observatory, according to the Kingdom’s Supreme Court for the festival of sacrifice.

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With the upcoming Islamic holiday all set to fall next week, per the Gregorian Calendar, we’ve also rounded up when you can expect the rest of the public holidays in the UAE to fall in 2022.

Islamic New Year

A couple of weeks later it’s the Hijri New Year. Falling on Muharram 1, it’s projected to fall around July 30, 2022.

The Prophet’s Birthday

The Prophet Mohammed’s birthday will fall on the 12 of the Hijri month of Rabi Al Awwal, which is predicted to be around October 8, 2022.

Commemoration Day and National Day

To close out 2022, those in the UAE will have another break to look forward to with Commemoration Day, December 1, and National Day, December 2.

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