For NBA fanatics, Rich Paul needs no introduction. For those who do, Paul is an NBA agent and Klutch Sports Group CEO.

Considered one of the most influential figures in the sports industry, Rich Paul represents some of the biggest and most prominent NBA stars including Los Angeles Lakes power forward Lebron James.

Today, Rich Paul unveils his latest edition for 90s cult classic sneaker label New Balance called “Forever Yours”. This collaboration showcases Paul’s love for the game.

The “Forever Yours” 550 sneakers are rendered in a palette of purple, pink, and navy blue and feature a suede upper with mesh panels and the classic court style rounded out with the collection’s graphic and co-branded details including an embroidered monogram “RP” logo intertwined with a decorative rose, evoking a youthful and reckless touch that baller and sneaker enthusiasts alike will appreciate.

Dhs749, available from July 21, 2023 at New Balance, Dubai Mall

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Images: Supplied by New Balance