For the classic Antifer collection, Gaia Repossi drew inspiration from the shape of the cliffs of Antifer in Normandy.

Recreating the asymmetrical rythm crafted by the simple lines that form a cliff — even nine years after its launch, the Antifer line continues to be amusing in terms of design. Through the skillful hands of Gaia Repossi, a new ring has been added to this existingly popular collection. The beauty of this newly added baubble is that it’s equally timeless and wearable. Hand crafted in Italy with painstaking attention to detail, it adds a hint of modernity and avant-gardism to the the Antifer line.

Each row of this ring is created separately by the technique of lost-wax casting, taken back and polished by the jeweller, before it is assembled. The ring is assembled together with 3 gold pins that hold the whole piece together, while maintaining the position of the ring. The placement of each piece in the stack is decided with a precise angle in order to give coherence to the whole ring.

The empty space between each ring is studied to ensure the reading of the angles, specific to Antifer collection. From the inside of the ring, it is possible to see each row separately. In a monobloc, the
inside would be smooth. Another version of this iconic Antifer 4-raws paved ring is available in a plain pink gold variation.

This piece of jewellery is both simple and statement-making — because it can be  worn on a daily basis, yet it will always be conversation starter once noticed.

Gaia Repossi’s Antifer collection


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Image: Supplied