Four hundred hours of video are uploaded onto YouTube every single minute, while watch-time for female-generated content has grown by 50 per cent. Recognising the power of the video channel in the Middle East, YouTube has partnered with the United Nations for a special feminist movement project.

YouTube is championing the diverse community of women on the platform through a new year-long partnership with the United Nations. Together they have appointed seven top, international YouTube female creators as the first Change Ambassadors to the UN’s Sustainable development action campaign.

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Representing the Middle East is Dubai-based Syrian YouTube star Hayla Ghazal, a beauty vlogger, who is joining the group of millennial influencers fighting for gender equality as part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The first group of Change Ambassadors also includes Ingrid Nilsen (US), Jackie Aina (US), Yuya (Mexico), Taty Ferreira (Brazil), Louise Pentland (UK) and Chika Yoshida (Japan).

These women will be the voice of their generation into the UN, rallying their audiences to get behind important issues surrounding gender equality.

“YouTube has always been a platform where women of all ages and backgrounds can find their voice and tell their stories. Through this new partnership with the UN, we’ll strengthen female voices on YouTube and around the world,” said Susan Wojcicki, CEO, YouTube.

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Talking about her prestigious new role with YouTube and the UN, Hayla Ghazal, said: “It’s wonderful to see that organisations like the UN are recognising that women on YouTube represent a powerful community of female role models from diverse communities around the world. I found my voice on YouTube through sharing my videos about lifestyle and entertainment and over the years I’ve built a family of fans that I can connect with on what’s happening in culture and the issues that are relevant to me as a woman.”

Hayla Ghazal

Hayla Ghazal is excited about her role with the UN

Ghazal who has nearly one million followers on her YouTube channel is positive that her new role, and the also the way YouTube and other platforms are championing female stars, is a step in the right direction. She said: “Today I feel like I can change things – by having a growing channel and being involved with the UN. I’m excited to see where we’re going.”