A woman has won the right to marry the man of her choosing after taking on her own brother in a Dubai court.

The unnamed plaintiff sued her sibling after he refused to give consent to the nuptials as her legal guardian.

According to Dubai law, Emirati Muslims should be registered in a Sharia court to meet legal marriage requirements, and the bride’s legal guardian and two Muslim witnesses must be present to complete the marriage contract ceremony.

The woman’s brother, who became her legal guardian after the death of their father, opposed the union, citing that the Asian groom was from a different sect and financially unable to support the couple, Gulf News reports.

However the Dubai Cassation Court allowed the woman to disown her brother as legal guardian, and let a court judge become her temporary guardian.

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She was also granted permission to marry her intended after her brother was unable to back up his claims against the groom.

Witnesses testified to the groom’s suitability, while the bride claimed her brother had “been against her marriage out of malice”, the newspaper reported.

However the road to wedded bliss was a long one – while a primary court ruled in the bride’s favour, her brother appealed and the Appellate Court overturned the judgement.

The Cassation Court overturned the judgement again, and the couple wed shortly after the court proceedings.

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