‘The most excitement I’ve had all week’

The torrential rain in Dubai is set to continue as well as across other parts of the UAE, according to weather forecasters.

Sunday will call for mostly stormy conditions in Dubai with temperatures expected to be around 30°C.

Heavy rain is likely to continue up until around noon, with rain and lighting potentially lasting until this evening.

There is a similar forecast predicted for Abu Dhabi today too.

Overnight there was a torrential rain storm with thunder and lightning in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

Heavy rain poured down on Saturday night with thunderstorms taking place, and at one point there was even hail.

On Saturday night, many people in Dubai flocked to Twitter to share videos of the downpour.

One person even shared a video saying people were “coming together” amidst the thunderstorm, most likely referring to many people practising social distancing currently due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

One other shared a video from their high-rise apartment of “everyone cheering in the [Dubai] Marina”.

Another person joked the thunderstorm was the “most excitement” they’ve had all week.


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Images and videos: Instagram, Twitter. Feature image: @dubai.uae.dxb