For those who are grinning and bearing the heat in the UAE this summer, this weather update will be welcomed with open arms, we’re sure.

People across the country can expect a drop in temperatures over the next few days accompanied by rainfall, thunder and lightning, per UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Storms and rainfall are likely to last from Tuesday July 26 to Thursday July 28, 2022, according to NCM.

Per its forecast, the NCM stated: “The Oman sea and Arabian Gulf will be moderate to rough during this period.”

In turn, this will see temperatures drop below 30°C across the country on Wednesday, July 27 with a low of 27°C in Dubai, 29°C in Abu Dhabi and 25°C in Fujairah.

As we await the impending rainfall, take a look at some of the most spectacular photos previously captured by residents around the UAE, including the Crown Prince of Dubai!

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