The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a significant step towards a greener future with the introduction of the revolutionary Blue Residency Visa.

This 10-year residency program targets exceptional talents dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability initiatives.

Announced during a cabinet meeting led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, the Blue Residency Visa aligns perfectly with the nation’s commitment to sustainability,designated as the key focus for 2024.

A Decade of Contribution, A Decade of Residence

The Blue Residency Visa offers a long-term residency option for individuals who have made significant contributions in various environmental areas. These fields include marine and land conservation, air quality management, cutting-edge sustainability technologies, the circular economy, and other related disciplines.

“The UAE recognizes the undeniable link between a thriving economy and a healthy environment,” stated Sheikh Mohammed. “Our national focus on sustainability is unwavering, and the Blue Residency Visa reflects this commitment.”

Who Qualifies for the Blue Residency Visa?

The UAE welcomes applications from a diverse range of environmental champions, including:

Sustainability advocates: Individuals actively working on environmental initiatives, both within the UAE and internationally, through organizations and companies.
Award winners: Recipients of prestigious global awards in recognition of their environmental efforts.
Environmental activists: Leading figures who have spearheaded impactful environmental campaigns and movements.
Pioneering researchers: Distinguished researchers at the forefront of environmental research and innovation.

Applying for the Blue Residency Visa

Furthermore, individuals interested in obtaining the Blue Residency Visa can submit their applications directly through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (FAICCPS).

Investing in the Future

The UAE cabinet meeting also addressed crucial aspects of the nation’s youth development and higher education. The National Youth Agenda 2031, focusing on empowering young people economically, honing their scientific skills,strengthening national identity, and fostering international representation, was officially approved.

Additionally, a new framework for classifying universities and higher education institutions within the UAE was established. Over 70 institutions will be evaluated and recognized based on factors like academic quality, graduate employability, research strength, and global academic partnerships.

Moreover, the Blue Residency Visa, alongside the initiatives for youth development and higher education advancement, signifies the UAE’s progressive approach towards a sustainable and prosperous future.

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