As the UAE braces for heavy rain and thunderstorms, the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) has issued stern warnings urging residents to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

In a press briefing attended by officials from the Ministry of Interior and the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), measures were outlined to ensure the safety and protection of the populace.

The NCEMA emphasized the importance of staying indoors and avoiding unnecessary outings during the impending weather conditions. Precautionary steps such as safeguarding properties and parking vehicles in elevated areas away from potential flooding were strongly advised.

In a bid to manage the situation effectively, decisions regarding work from home, remote learning, and the postponement of events will be made by the emergency management teams in each emirate.

To prevent potential accidents, all roads leading to valleys, mountains, and hazardous zones will be closed on Friday until authorities deem it safe to reopen them. Individuals found disregarding safety protocols and endangering lives, whether their own or others’, will face fines, authorities have warned.

The call for vigilance comes as the UAE gears up to weather the impending storm, with a collective effort urged to mitigate risks and prioritize public safety.

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Images: Instagram: @dubai_photoconceirge