It’s no secret that the UAE’s carbon footprint and energy usage have a bad reputation overseas – keeping the desert at an acceptable temperature all year round and desalinating of tap water was never going to be a powerless endeavour. But yet, recent data suggests that the people living within it’s borders are becoming increasingly green.

A spike in popularity of household goods posted on second-hand websites have trend experts wondering if the UAE is finally embracing the ‘living light’ lifestyle.

Research suggests we own twice as many material goods today as we did 50 years ago. As natural resources on the planet become increasingly scarce, there’s never been a better time for apartment-dwelling UAE residents to de-clutter their lives.

“We are seeing more and more people adopting a ‘less is more’ attitude as time goes by,” says Adham Saleh, managing director of online selling portal “People are realising that not only is it more environmentally friendly to get rid of unused items; it also frees up extra room in the home.”

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Sustainability is a policy that the UAE government has pledged to adopt. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, recently announced his plan to establish Dubai as “the world’s most sustainable city” by 2050. But we don’t have to wait 35 years to see a sustainable difference, if all start to think eco now we might be able to see a positive change sooner.

Smart Palm Solar Dubai (3)

Smart Palm Solar Dubai – the emirate will soon start making the most from solar power

One step toward making Dubai more sustainable, and smart, are the Solar panel powered palm-tree inspired Wi-Fi stations at Umm Suqeim Beach and Za’abeel Park. The Smart Palms provide free wireless internet access and offer tourism information from weather to local attractions.

Another positive step forward is the recent announcement from Sheikh Mohammed to make Dubai a driverless city by 2030 with one in four cars being replaced by transport pods.

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Here’s 10 easy ways to to be more sustainable in the UAE:

  1. Reduce household energy use by switching off appliances not in use.

  2. Eat locally whenever possible and limit your meat consumption.

  3. Think twice before clothes shopping and donate items you no longer wear.

  4. Drive less (or car-pool more).

  5. Recycle, go paperless and ditch the plastic.

  6. Embrace multi-gadgets – phone, alarm clock, calculator all in one.

  7. Air-dry your clothes.

  8. Save water: Take shorter showers, turn off the taps more and flush less.

  9. Clean your home with green products such as vinegar mixed with water to wash windows.

  10. Visit The Change Initiative on Sheikh Zayed Road to see how they can help you go greener.


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