Winter is here in UAE, and we are savouring every single moment of it.

2 days ago (on January 10, 2024) the temperatures dropped to 5.3°C in Raknah (Al Ain) at 7.30 am, marking it as the lowest temperature recorded so far this year.

While the mountainous areas in the UAE are bearing the bitter end of the cold, the city folks can finally enjoy the pleasant weather after a brutal summer.

Evening walks, alfresco dining, hot chocolate runs and many more outdoor activities are now on the table.

These are the months you need to keep your social battery recharged, as it aligns with the temperament of the weather Gods. Fill up your calendar and make the most of it.

Dressing heavily for winter isn’t a norm in the UAE, but one can always lean into the warm section by pulling out the layers and accessories from the back of the closet.

Winter dressing for the UAE is more than just hitting the utilitarian note, you don’t need puffer coats or thermal warmers, but you do need the cardigans, jackets and fluffy socks.

It creates the perfect opportunity for the fashion girlies to put their styling hats on and create some Hallmark movie-worthy looks. But if you aren’t one and this cold-but-not-too-cold weather has confused you in terms of clothing, we’ve got you.

Scroll below and shop from our editor-approved winter guide:

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Images: Net-A-Porter and Instagram: @helsastudio and @olafarahat