Some people have more money than sense and we can’t help but wonder this might be the case with the price tags attached to these unique UAE numbers.

If you happen to have a cool Dhs590,000, Dhs275,000 or Dhs200,000 to spend – dig deep behind your sofa, you might find some extra cash – then you could be the proud owner of an exclusive, VIP mobile phone number.

Nope, you’re not reading this incorrectly. For the price of a small studio flat or a sports car you could own a phone number that is considered far superior than your average 10 digits.

A new report by Khaleej Times has revealed just how much people will spend in the UAE in order to get VIP status.

The report revealed a list of 48 mobile phone numbers which are currently going to sale – some may have already been sold while you read this story. The list from the a local broker had a combined total value of Dhs2.9 million with the ‘cheapest’ number going for a mere Dhs1,900 and the most expensive going for a staggering Dhs590,000.

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The numbers will be sold at a public auction held by telecommunications companies. The auction allows residents to bid on VIP mobile phone packages.

Ahmad Aburahima, senior vice president for Government Relations at du told Khaleej Times: “50 per cent of people who buy mobile numbers at du’s auctions are non-nationals.”

Fancy spending your hard earned cash on a hot number? You can do so on this auction site.

Wonder what sort of money the value of these numbers can get you? Let us show you:

Phone number: 056 5111111

Bidding Price: Dhs174,500

Alternatively spend it on: five nights in the deluxe Royal Suite at Burj al Arab.

burj al arab

The Burj Al Arab Royal Suite

Phone number: 056 404000

Bidding Price: Dhs25,000

Alternatively spend it on: a night at the newly revamped Kempinski Ski Chalet Suite.

Phone number: 056 8878888

Bidding Price: Dhs22,500

Alternatively spend it on: a week holiday to New York flying business class on Virgin Atlantic (Dhs21,870) leaving Dhs630 for the big tipping you will be doing.

new york british airways

Go to New York or have a VIP number? We know what we would choose

Phone number: 056 8878888

Bidding Price: Dhs21,500

Alternatively spend it on: this incredible Valentino leather jacket (Dhs22,600) and Mochi espadrilles (Dhs1,000) leaving you Dhs100 to spare.

Is a phone number worth more than Mochi sandals and Valentino jacket?

Is a phone number worth more than Mochi sandals and Valentino jacket?

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