The UAE has announced it is set to gradually lift COVID-19 restrictions.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) announced on Twitter that they aim to “cancel” limitations on activities and events by mid-February.

“We announce the decision to gradually cancel restrictions covering all activities and events in #UAE in various economic, tourism & entertainment facilities, as well as in shopping centres & modes of transportation, aimed at reaching their full capacities by mid-February,” the NCEMA said on Twitter.

The authority outlined that for activities and facilities raising the maximum capacity for social events such as weddings and mourning events. However, capacity percentages would be dependent on local authorities’ decisions in each emirate.

Also included in the NCEMA’s gradual lifting of restrictions would include reducing safe distancing between worshippers at mosques and places of worship.

The NCEMA also noted that a Green AlHosn pass would be required when necessary.

The decision to gradually lift restrictions was “aided by a decrease in infections and the implementation of the necessary measures to ensure recovery, in light of the keenness to sustain a strategic balance between various sectors”, per the NCEMA.

Going forward, measures will be monitored and reviewed as deemed fit and social distancing and masks are still required.

This comes after nearly two years restrictions were first put in place due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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