In a rapidly changing work environment, as young Emirati women continue to adapt to the skills required for the workforce, this latest collaboration is known as the Future Partnerships initiative, will uplift women to participate in the future of the country.

As part of the UAE’s ambition to create impactful programmes, the government and LinkedIn is set to enhance the workforce’s skills accordingly while empowering young women in the region to hone their career path potential.

In this fruitful partnership between the two organisations, young Emirati women are upskilling to keep up with the fast-paced environment as they’re constantly empowered with skills that increase their competitiveness in the current labour market.

With over 2,000 young Emirati women being trained through this initiative through workshops and webinars, this online community will bring together learners of all dimensions with expert knowledge shared and effective ideas communicated.

According to the World Bank, the MENA region has the lowest female labour force participation rate in the world, with around 22 per cent last year in comparison to the statistics being 77 per cent for men.

As per The National, a statement highlighted, “It is one of a number of initiatives the government is developing with private-sector partners to create programmes allowing it to “manage rapid global changes, increase future-readiness and advance the social and economic progress of the UAE.”

By bridging the gap between gaining new skills and contributing to the economy, the UAE is constantly taking new steps to ensure women are adequately represented, with a compulsory rule of one female director on their boards for all stock market listed companies also being introduced in March earlier this year.

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Feature image: Pexels by Anthony Shkraba