We’ve got an all-women taxi fleet, and now the UAE has now launched their latest idea – an all-women operated airline company.

The UAE is making it in the history books after becoming the first country in the world to launch an all-woman operated airline services company. LGO International FZC, the company behind the idea, have decided to cater to more conservative families in the region, who perhaps wish to travel in a male-free zone. Sorry gents.

Unfortunately, LGO International aren’t running a commercial airline similar to say, Emirates – you won’t see ladies queuing up at the airport for it. However, they are serving as a company who sell and rent customisable private planes to business-savvy women, giving them the option to travel jet around in luxury without any pesky men lurking about.

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If you haven’t the cash to splash on kitting yourself out with your own all-women private plane, the rental price range of one of their planes falls between Dhs12,800 and Dhs36,800.

LGO International cover all possibilities, from sourcing a particular private aircraft for their clients, organising an all-women crew, if desired, and fitting out the interior to the customer’s taste. You can even opt for the installation of a cinema room, games room, bathroom and shower.

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Whilst an all-women airline may not appeal to the mainstream traveller, the service is predicted to be popular with more conservative families.

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CEO of the company Emmanuel Dubuisson said in an interview with Gulf News: “If a particular customer cares more about the number of years of experience of the pilot than his or her gender, then LGO International will focus on this requirement.”