Whilst we only had a public holiday some two weeks ago, you may be already looking forward to the next break.

And we’re here to tell you there’s not long to wait at all.

Want even better news? The next long weekend is set to be a five-day break.

Three public holidays are set to combine with a weekend, making that week a two-day work week and a five-day weekend.


So, when exactly can we look forward to this break? The answer – in just a few weeks.

Tuesday, December 1, in the UAE will mark Commemoration Day which honours the Emiratis who have sacrificed their lives to protect their country.

Then, on Wednesday, December 2 and Thursday, December 3, the UAE will celebrate UAE National Day, which celebrates the unification of the seven emirates.

Starting off the final month of 2020 with a five-day weekend really doesn’t sound bad at all.

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Feature Image: Christoph Schulz on Unsplash