Many worldwide are rushing to support countries affected by COVID-19, including governments, celebrities and fashion brands.

The same goes for here in the UAE, with many initiatives being launched to help those most affected by the the coronavirus pandemic.

With that, the UAE Red Crescent Authority has launched the ‘Among your Family’ initiative which aims to ease the burdens of living in the UAE for tenants in housing units at present.

The initiative offers three options: the organisation encourages owners of residential properties to exempt tenants from paying the rent, reduce the amount or postponing rent payments.

The UAE Red Crescent authority revealed a number of building owners have responded to the invitation, but are hoping for a wider response.

The reason for launching the initiative follows requests from landlords that have exempted tenants from paying the rent for several months.

Similarly, the ERC has also stated it is willing to adopt other initiatives that come from individuals and institutions to support the measures in preventing COVID-19 spread, as well as limiting the knock-on effects from the outbreak.

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Feature Image: Instagram Visit Dubai