It’s the time of year in the UAE when getting out and about is a must.

From scintillating sunsets to being surrounded by nature, trekking is the perfect time to unwind and there’s so much of the UAE to explore.

Ensuring you make the most of it, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of all the must-visit spots in the UAE.

Wadi Shawka Dam


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With picturesque views of the canyons, this trail is regarded as one of the challenging hikes in the UAE. By combining wild species of the UAE with a scenic setting, Shawka dam is situated on the Eastern exteriors of Ras Al Khaimah. Nestled between the Hajar mountains, this vast expansive space makes it the perfect location to unwind at. Whether you wish to camp overnight or simply visit for a daytime picnic, this beautiful trek is definitely worth all the challenging aspects that come with it.

Al Rabi


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Situated in the heart of Khorfakkan, this hike is considered to be a great starting point for beginners. Starting at the historical watchtower, this trail offers panoramic views of its surroundings, making it an exciting weekend getaway. The beautiful lush green mountains make it a retreat from civilization, ensuring it’s the ultimate rest and relaxation. Located near Fujairah, it’s considered to be a popular spot targeting groups of varying fitness levels.

Jebel Jais

With undulating peaks and troughs, it’s regarded as the UAE’s highest peak. Towering at 1,934 m above sea level, it boasts breath-taking vistas for every visitor, ensuring that every visitor goes back with a thrilling adventure. Other than a simple hike, visitors have access to a host of activities such as zip-lining, sledging, the Bear Grylls camp and the highest restaurant in the UAE too, that’s called 1484 Puro.

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Hatta Hub


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To explore the Hajars, this exquisite trail is definitely one to explore and experience on foot. From sandy patches to sharp rocks, this popular trail spans a total of 32.6 kilometers spread across 5 new routes. After being divided into different sections, each area offers something special ranging from a camping area, the wadi pools, a picnic spot and a historical heritage site. Regarded as one of Dubai’s largest national parks, it’s open for people of all ages with activities such as Kayaking.

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Jebel Hafit

Whether a trek, bike ride or motorbike ride, this incredible location is the perfect spot for all those enchanting sunrise and sunset photos. This rocky mountain allows guests to witness majestic views of the skyline. Declared as a UNESCO heritage site, it includes several camping experiences including a guided hike through the area. It’s the UAE’s second tallest skyline-dominating peak in Abu Dhabi.



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Regarded as the Fossil Rock, this visitor attraction allows visitors to embark on a journey through time. With breathtaking natural landscapes and a unique blend of nature, it allows one to experience the desert inside out. A special Jebel Buhais trek place, to enjoy views of the ancient 2,000-year-old iron age fort along with several archaeological findings with historic landscapes. Located in Sharjah, visitors can enjoy several other activities including a landscapes tour, riding a buggy and taking a closer look at all the artifacts on display at the Mleiha Archaeological Centre.

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