Double Down

Reversible is the way forward. UAE-based brand NEMOZENA has reimagined the concept of a capsule wardrobe with her reversible creations, making them the ideal investment.

With sustainability at the forefront of fashion, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Brands are consistently reiterating their commitment to sustainability and mindful consumption. The industry is transparent about where materials are sourced from, moving away from the fast fashion era and giving back to communities. But there’s one fashion house that’s standing out from the rest, by going one step further in the capsule wardrobe concept.

Enter NEMOZENA, an Italian brand born in the UAE. Not only is sustainability at its core, the luxury fashion house champions female empowerment, too. But the cherry on top is the versatility of pieces on offer, still keeping sustainability front and centre. While you wouldn’t normally assume versatility and sustainability would go hand-in-hand, this UAE-based brand is making waves with their reversible garment concept.



“The brand speaks to women’s intellect and taste whilst remaining transformable, innovative and sustainable,” CEO of NEMOZENA, Gaenaelle Perrot, tells Emirates Woman. “We are advancing the luxury landscape with creative vision and meaningful principles.”

The concept is simple: one garment, two looks. Specifically, a plain – or as we like to say, minimal – and a printed side, giving you double the wear out of one piece of clothing.

“NEMOZENA showcases versatility, innovation and flawless construction with every one of our designs,” Gaenaelle explains. “These elements collectively create design-led pieces made to be worn forever, which can transform effortlessly to a completely different look and feel in a few simple steps.

“Simple tweaks on a garment like removable sleeves, for example, allows a piece to be completely different. Removable sleeves that are simply packed into a small pouch transform the coat into a gilet style, which can then be layered over a coat.”

This is what perfectly sums up the philosophy NEMOZENA embraces, amplifying a luxury piece to its maximum potential in a woman’s wardrobe. And an added bonus: vital wardrobe space is saved.


Not only do the pieces from the fashion house easily help the transition into the sustainability realm with their clever designs, consumers of the brand are also supporting age-old family businesses back in Italy.

“Our pieces encourage women to buy carefully and responsibly by choosing Italian made fabrics. We are also additionally supporting age-old family textile businesses and rejecting mass produced and mass manufactured fashion,” Gaenaelle says.

The latest collection from the UAE-based designer infuses the dreams found within a Moroccan spice souk, classic colonial modest silhouettes and ikat-inspired prints from Maghreb, northwest Africa, all brought together mixing muted tones with the bold. The clever crafting of cultures embodies one of the brand’s main mantras: our woman is a global citizen.

“We don’t tailor to any one particular continent but more towards active women who are travelling and looking for practicality and comfort which is something sought after by women from every continent,” Gaenaelle explains, speaking on the differences between their Italian roots and their UAE base. “Born of the belief that fashion should support and interpret the current consciousness of today’s woman, we are an inherently modern brand where women are absolutely at the forefront and celebrated with every collection.”

Having only launched in 2017, NEMOZENA’s clear vision of versatility, innovation and flawless construction will only propel the luxury house into further success, keeping the woman who is a global citizen fronting every campaign.

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