While we have only just enjoyed a very long weekend for Eid Al Adha, another one is on the horizon next week.

UAE authorities have confirmed there will be a day off for Hijri New Year, which means a long weekend is on the horizon.

Taking to Twitter, the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources – UAE (FAHR) announced Thursday, August 12 would mark a public holiday.

“Hijri New Year Holiday – carried over – for the year 1443 in the Federal Government will be on Thursday, August 12,” the FAHR confirmed on social media.


Following this long weekend in August, the next public holiday will be the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, which is projected to be around October 21.

This will then be followed by Commemoration Day and National Day set to take place on December 1 and December 2 respectively, with a day off also on December 3.


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Feature Image: Pexels