The whole of UAE is anticipating the return of one man right now – Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, who spent the last six months of his life in space.

Making history

Crew-6’s historic space mission spanned 186 days, marking the longest mission in Arab history. The Dragon capsule safely touched down off the coast of Florida at 8:17 am on a Monday. One hour after the splashdown, Al Neyadi emerged from the Dragon spacecraft.

Importance of the mission

During this mission, Al Neyadi achieved significant milestones that enhanced the UAE’s prominence in the global space sector. He completed the longest-ever space mission by an Arab, spending six months aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and conducting groundbreaking scientific experiments for the benefit of humanity and the scientific community.

Heroic return

Throughout the UAE, electronic billboards displayed a countdown to Al Neyadi’s arrival with messages of support, such as ‘Safe Journey, Sultan. Upon his return, Al Neyadi is expected to receive a grand heroic welcome in the UAE, following medical evaluations in the United States.

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Images: Feature Image: Instagram @astro_alneyadi