In an age of authenticity, people are looking through the layers of social media artifice that currently dominates the fashion industry.

Encouraging everyone to be real and authentic, Gym Clothing Company has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Just Be – Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You’.

The campaign features real women who share what beauty means to them, through their own stories surrounding positive body image.

One woman who is a part of the campaign is weight loss transformation life coach Natassia Dsouza who shared her personal story highlighting it was important for her to closely associate with a brand that embodies the same values.


Natassia opened up about how she lost 140 pounds during her weight loss journey which left her with stretch marks and loose skin, and through this process, she could relate to the brand’s values.

“I know for a fact that the brand and its founders, truly take conscious steps to break the stigma that you need to be perfect to wear good gym clothes. It’s a brand that makes women look and feel confident no matter our shape or size,” she explained.

Similarly, Renna Elizabeth Webb, who was also a part of the campaign, shared her pregnancy journey of carrying twins. The new mum felt insecure about her shape and didn’t ‘snap back’ into shape.

Knowing that this was something all women experienced, she wanted to emphasise all women are good enough just the way they are.

Through this campaign, Gym Clothing Co is aiming to shift the focus on representation and diversity than ever before in the fitness industry.

As this progressive game-changing fitness brand continues to embark on its value-driven journey, it ensures stylish activewear without compromising on quality.

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