The definition of luxury is a state of comfort or elegance that usually involves a great expense. So a luxury trip to the Maldives you assume would be just that.

However, after two turbulent, unpredictable and restrictive years, two Maldivian resorts are redefining the meaning of luxury. As the world has changed, so has our perception on luxury.

Before the pandemic we once coveted the most expensive pair of heels, only to not need to wear heels in nearly 2 years; the luxury of materialistic items has decreased in value. Instead, we long for experiences that are luxurious.

Yet even when it comes to our expectation of luxury experiences this differs. Of course, the best, spacious room with a breathtaking view, the finest cuisine and being waited on hand and foot is still something we long for, it’s not the level of luxury we currently seek.

Cora Cora and Finolhu are two resorts in the Maldives that have figured out the exact type of luxury we need: freedom and fun. After lockdowns, restrictions on travel and on our lives as a whole, these two things have become the definition of luxury

Cora Cora

With the tagline ‘it’s freedom time’, Cora Cora embodies freedom and island life. Located in the turquoise waters of the Raa Atoll, the 5-star resort is comprised of 100 villas ranging from beach villas to lagoon villas. Yet the Family villa located at the end of the lagoon is sought-after; the two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa comes with ultimate privacy, its own pool and slide to the sea. Each guest is assigned a ‘freedom coach’ who looks after everything for you, from booking dinners, excursions and PCR tests to even situations like lost luggage; your freedom coach will take all of your stresses away. My Coffee is a 24/7 coffee shop that also has a ‘Grab n’ Go’ menu for guests to order food to collect and enjoy at their villa.

With five restaurants on one small island, you can choose from a variety of cuisines. Taaza has a chef also known as the ‘curry master’ who cookies 50 curries and Acquapazza has a chef who has only cooked pizza for the last 15 years. The chefs and mixologists are happy to curate dishes to specific tastes, whether that be vegan, gluten-free or refined sugar-free. Your time is your own at Cora Cora, so wander the island barefoot or go on a jet-ski adventure to explore the lagoons or even spend the day on a private sandbank, the choice is entirely yours.


A resort that is favoured by Cara Delevigne and Rita Ora has had a make-over. Finolhu is a kaleidoscope-inspired five-star resort on the Baa Atoll, has a playful spirit that makes a stay here both luxurious and fun. The relaxed beach club vibes were inspired by carefree beachside get-togethers so is ideal for friends, and couples.

The ‘Rockstar’ villas are the most sought-after and come with a private wine cellar, pool, bar and Roohu Host. A Roohu host is there to take care of all guests’ needs allowing them to enjoy their precious holiday time. The beach villas are more ideal for those who want privacy, nestled in the greenery of the island.

The beautiful private island has a unique Beach Bubble Tent that comes with its own butler and allows you to star gaze in ultimate privacy. The fun and engaging atmosphere is enhanced by the colour choices of purple, pink, apricot and blue that reflect the tones of the water and the sunsets. Yet relaxation is still prioritised with the Fehi Spa which uses local ingredients such as coconut oil and coconut milk in an array of restorative treatments.

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