Too many bad cuts have left me wary of over zealous hairdressers. But with a reputation that precedes them, at Pastels salon I was looking forward to sitting back and getting my locks ‘re-designed’. 

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t had a haircut for over a year. Not because I can’t be bothered – on the contrary I regularly spend hours having highlights and blow-dries – but because it takes so long to grow that I’m petrified of having to grow out a bad cut.  As much as I like it long and free-flowing, it was starting to look a bit hippy-dippy and was crying out for a shape up.

The Treatment: Cut and blow-dry

The Lowdown: Pastels was actually the very first place I stepped inside a few months ago after being discharged from hospital following the birth of my daughter. Their luxurious leather flat beds at the basins had been recommended as the perfect place to wash the smell of the hospital out of my hair. The service I received then (with my newborn fast asleep in her pram) had been so exemplary that I’d been meaning to return ever since. And having seen hairstylist Adam’s name pop up on various hairdressing forums, I was confident that the combination of a slick salon and a highly regarded hair stylist meant I was on to a good thing. Plus, I battled to get an appointment with Adam – another good sign.


Even when the down-to-earth Liverpudlian lifted some hair to frame my face during the consultation, it made a world of difference, so I gave him free reign to do what he liked – without taking too much off. He quickly noticed tough that I had a massive chunk of hair missing at the back, which was making it completely uneven. (My baby has a habit of grabbing my hair and clinging on to it as if her life depends on it). This meant taking off a few extra inches, but by then I’d resigned myself to a complete style overhaul. After a glorious wash, head massage and mask – on one of those very special beds – Adam added a few layers and gave my hair a substantial, but not scary trim. He then dried it, with plenty of bounce and volume, before cutting a long fringe on one side.

The Results: Slicker, sassier, summery and – dare I say – more youthful, hair.

The Details: A cut and blow-dry starts at Dhs450.

Pastels Salon |  The Ritz-Carlton |  JBR Walk, Dubai |  (04) 3995016.