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If anyone knows how to multi-task, it’s the EW team, so when Sephora offered to come in to our office in order for us to try out their latest Formula X range, we jumped at the chance.

With so many creative options out there, these days a straightforward mono-coloured manicure just doesn’t make the cut. From moon manicures, with a white base to make the other colours pop; to hot tips where metallic tops takes the classic French manicure to a whole new level; to eye-popping possibilities for patterns and collages, Sephora’s Formula X are made to make your nails stand out.

Online Editor Alexandria enjoys a spot of pampering at the EW HQ

Online Editor Alexandria enjoys a spot of pampering at the EW HQ

With no less than 150 hues and effects, you could sport a completely new look every single day of the year. Even just applying the range’s Xplosive top coats – a futuristic graffiti art nail lacquer that fuses matte glitter particles in assorted shapes and sizes for a paint-splatter effect – will guarantee instant nail envy.

What’s more, the rare pigments created in Belgium are paraben-, sulphate- and phthalate-free so you don’t have to worry about subjecting yourself to any nasties.

A five-step manicure so simple you can do it yourself at home, it starts with a cleanse to remove any residue and smooth the nails, followed by a sticky base coat, the colour of choice, the effect and then a top coat.

The EW team were particularly impressed with how quickly our nails dried: as soon as the therapist was ready to move on to our second hand, the first hand was already bone dry, meaning we could quickly return to one-fingered typing.

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Clockwise from main: Colour – Push the limits, Effect – Out of sight; Colour – Push the limits, Effect – Demolition; Colour – Enigma, Effect – Out of sight

With ranges including New Classics, The Brilliants and The Hollograms, we were overwhelmed by the utterly fabulous choices, but agreed that Crèmes were a firm favourite. Whatever you do, make sure you check out Frenetic, an audacious Hello Kitty pink.

The Brilliants are easily the most bonkers of all of Formula X. Nails are literally glitter bombed with this effect and when the lights hit them the entire nail reflects every single colour of the rainbow. Now that’s what we call nail art!

formula x 2

Clockwise from main: Colour – Infatuated, Effect – TNT; Colour – Dark Matter, Effect – Chaotic; Color – Kelvin, Effect – Wham!

What’s more, we were promised our nails would last for a good two weeks. Watch this space… (one week in and they are still going strong).

Try out Sephora’s new Formula X range for free! The service is available every day at The Dubai Mall and Mall Of The Emirates from 12pm to 10:45pm. No purchase or booking required. If you want to purchase the polishes prices start from Dhs45.

The gorgeous range of colours and effects

The gorgeous range of colours and effects