It’s time to pack your passport and embark on a journey of stylish discovery as we holiday with Michael Kors.

“I’ve always found inspiration for my collections through travelling, whether it’s from the different colours, trends or cultures. A large part of my collections is inspired by the things that I’ve seen while travelling.”

“My travel essentials are aviators, a cashmere sweater and driving loafers.”

“I’ve become very used to jet lag. I’m always so busy that there’s no time to be tired. I tend to just drink more iced tea than usual.”


“I have a few top tips for planning a great trip. Pick a location that you’ve never been to before, do your research on the weather and culture and pack accordingly. Also, make at least one dinner reservation at a fabulous restaurant.”

“The inspiration behind my latest collection was all about the glamour and ease of the west coast. The colours of California, for example the blue pools, green lawns and sunshine yellow, are widely present in the collection.”


“Sampling local cuisine is a definite; it’s half the fun! From fresh fish in St Barts to brick-oven pizza in Naples, I love it all. I do have to admit though that I’m guilty of hunting down the best cheeseburger wherever I visit.”

“I plan to continue exploring the world. I always say that if you are out there, really engaging in the world and experiencing different cultures, then there is never a shortage of inspiration.”

Michael Kors is available in the Mall Of The Emirates, (04) 3951694 and online here