Travel Etiquette Dos & Don’ts

Customs, cultures and behaviours differ greatly from city to city and country to country. Luckily, we’ve devised a dos and don’ts travel etiquette guide to ensure you get it right…

To ensure you don’t end up offending a nation during your next holiday, etiquette specialist & image consultant, Balsam Al Khalil, who recently released Travel Etiquette: a Guide for the Modern Traveller, offers some useful tips:


  • Leave everything till the last minute and therefore start panicking & getting hassled.
  • Over pack as you’ll probably shop on your holiday and end up paying for any extra weight on your return.
  • Tear up covered magazines in the Duty Free area.
  • Don’t keep your mobile on during the take off and landing of the plane.
  • Don’t stand up immediately after landing as there is a taxing period before the complete stop.
  • Don’t block the way of the fellow passengers at any stage of the trip.


  • Check the weather, customs and culture of the country of destination.
  • Keep it light & simple: organise your packing according to colour codes and don’t pack many pieces in different unmatched colours.
  • Keep shoes to a minimum and pack comfortable ones for the day, keeping one pair of high-heels for the evening (preferably in nude or black colour).
  • Pack fashionable and light accessories, as many as you can to build up your travel wardrobe by adding them to your original pieces.
  • Leave precious accessories behind. Opt for fake jewellery instead – anything you would be less upset over if stolen or misplaced.
  • Opt for travel edition toiletries instead of carrying the large edition.



  • Keep your travel documents separate in a special safe travel purse.
  • Stand in the queue and wait for your turn to be served without overriding other passengers and moving from one line to another.
  •  Have your passport and ticket ready as well as any loyalty card handy. This will guarantee a speedy check in. Follow this when boarding, too.
  • Stand on the side while tidying yourself, without blocking the way.
  • Stand on the correct side (mostly the right side) while walking or taking the escalators.


  • Proceed to your correct seat, one boarded, and ask for any change (if needed) after the boarding process is completed.
  • Place your bags above your seat and get your hand bag after the seat belt sign is switched off.
  • Enjoy the onboard entertainment facilities instead of bothering the fellow passenger with non sense conversations.


  • Keep the seat belt on until advised otherwise.
  • Declare any goods (if need be).


Written by Balsam Al Khalil, author of Travel Etiquette book: A Guide for the Modern Traveler, a pocket guide for the well-heeled jet setter, filled with travel tips, ideas, dos and don’ts both for adults and children Travel Etiquette | Dos & Don’ts