With trains having a long-standing history of connecting people through a seamless approach of transportation, Etihad Rail’s latest state-of-the-art network is all set to connect the seven emirates of the UAE with Saudi Arabia, through an efficient railway network.

As the network is being developed and implemented in two main stages, stage two which is currently in the pipeline will extend across the UAE from the border with Saudi Arabia at Ghuweifat, connecting the emirates via a chain of points including Abu Dhabi, KIZAD, Khalifa Port, Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and then to Fujairah on the UAE’s east coast.

From the Eastern part of Fujairah right up to the edge of Saudi Arabia, passengers will be able to have a seamless travel journey after years of genius technology and engineering has gone in the backend to making this project a success.


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Having first launched the project in 2009, Etihad Rail has come a long way with several projects that include 35.5 million tonnes of granulated sulphur being transported, being one of them, while having saved around 200 trips on the road approximately with this undoubtedly distinguished railway system.

While keeping in line with all the sustainable practices to be followed, Etihad Rail is committed to protecting the heritage of the UAE, including the majestic Ghaf trees which have been relocated to ensure they’re protected during the construction of this remarkable project.

With safety at the helm of this project, the business model ensures its commitment to also reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 70 to 80 per cent, while using fully integrated safety features such as ECP brakes and derailment protection measures for an effortless system of transportation.

For more information on the project visit etihadrail.ae on any further announcements regarding the services.

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