Ever wanted to try your hand at something, but not enough to fork out for it? New home-grown app Tibba, which has just launched in Dubai  allows anyone from individuals, to freelancers and small businesses to network with others and exchange skills.

Whether you’re a photographer who wants a salsa lesson, or a French teacher looking for a yoga class – Tibba allows you to connect with those willing to exchange whatever they’re good at for whatever you’re good at.

Users create a profile, state their skills, experience and projects, and are then put into categories such as accommodation, adventure, beauty, creative, fitness, food, language, pet-sitting and tickets.

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Once an exchange between two people is found, a private conversation is started to iron out the details. After the exchange has taken place, both parties are given the option to rate each other.

Since it’s only recently launched, Tibba may take a while to fill up with skill exchange opportunities in Dubai – however if you hold out for a little bit you may find yourself bagging some seriously brag-worthy exchanges.

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Created by Swedish co-founders Yasmine Akermark and Erica Werneman, Tibba came about in late 2014 after the duo took a road-trip from Dubai to Oman. Even the name stems from the trip, named after beachy hotspot Dibba in Fujairah.

Tibba Dubai

Founders Yasmine (left) and Erica (right)

Speaking about the app, Werneman said, “Money came into existence to facilitate trade between people and provide liquidity. Its main value is as a medium of exchange. These days, it can sometimes hinder trade when the parties just don’t have enough cash to purchases the services from one another. As a solution, many people all around the world are turning to barter instead. Now they have a dedicated platform to do so.”

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Akermark spoke on their decision to launch in Dubai first, saying, “We think Dubai is a great place for Tibba to launch. There is an amazing community and a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurial small businesses. It is definitely a bit of a tech hub for the region and it looks like it’s only set to grow. Not only is this where we came up with the idea, the interest and support we’ve received from people here is truly amazing and we can tell there is a real need for a platform like Tibba.”

More info can be found at gotibba.com.

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